The good news is that I have started writing again!

Definitely not NaNoWriMo-worthy material… 1,000+ words a day seems near impossible for me at the moment. However, I finished ONE page of my original story and that’s something to be proud of. And that’s pretty much the only good news that I have because my life is just burning to the ground before my very eyes.

It’s difficult to remain optimistic when you’re constantly stressed about things that shouldn’t even be causing you stress… if that makes sense. But I will definitely be dedicating this weekend to schoolwork and figuring out my schedule for the winter quarter – my registration begins next Friday! My Japanese midterm really kicked my butt and gave me a huge wake-up call as to where I am academically.

Also, college right now is just plain depressing – it really is. And if that wasn’t enough to worry about… sighsighsigh. Thank you to those few who take the time out to read my daily ramblings (and most of the time – complaints).

I’ve focused too much on the negativity in my life right now that it’s slowly defining who I am. I’ve become a sort of Grinch, though everything and everyone around me seems like fair game to ruin. BUT I am breathing and absolutely healthy, so that’s something to be grateful and happy about! Not to mention, we’re about halfway done with the quarter and it is STILL possible to get an ‘A.’

Note to Self: “Just keep swimming.”

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